The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) allows quick access to tasks that are performed during a vessel’s operation. The clever design of graphic interface and colour coding allows the operator to assess the data at a glance and navigate stress-free.

Benefits of the VisionMaster FT ECDIS:

  • Flexible and movable menu for quick access to chart related functions, sub-menus and clear overview
  • Reduce risk by creating and testing multiple voyage plans without interruption of the navigation process
  • Display charts from key chart suppliers such as C-Map, Admirality, SevenCs, Navtor Display charts from key chart suppliers such as C-Map, Admiralty, SevenCs, Navtor
  • Flexibility in modes: Radar Overlay, ECDIS, Conning Info Display and Central Alarm Management
  • From standalone ECDIS to a multi node networked system (optional)


Fully compliant

The VisionMaster FT ECDIS is fully compliant with the International Maritime Organisations' (IMO) regulations for paperless navigation and electronic chart display. It provides a separate, redundant backup station in case the primary ECDIS navigation station is damaged or disrupted. Our highly reliable, flexible navigation solution provides improvements in performance to enhance the ship's safety at sea.

The ECDIS also includes ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO), making additional chart information available to ships' navigators, learn more.

From Radar to ECDIS

The standard platform of the VisionMaster FT Series has demonstrated to be the best system available in the marine industry. Using the same interface throughout the series makes it easy to upgrade from Radar to ECDIS, for efficient operation and minimised training.

For more information about Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine’s VisionMaster FT ECDIS, please contact us.