Dear Customer,

At Sperry Marine we are keeping up with the situation evolving around us, by utilizing our global offices, teams, partners and suppliers, to mitigate the impact on our business.

Overall Operation:
Our global organisation and network covers most parts of the world and we are today operational with employees working from offices or remotely to ensure we keep delivering on our commitments as far as possible. Our local offices are supporting you in your local area, and as borders and countries are opening up, we at Sperry Marine are also following by gradually moving back to normal operations.

Service & Support:
Some of our service engineers around the world are still restricted to local travel, however within EU boarders are now open for travel and services.

For most part we still have a confirmation process in place to establish the current situation on board a vessel considering the ports visited and crews travel, as well as understanding any policies put in place by our customers that we would need to follow. We are at the same time putting all our efforts to assisting remotely as far as possible.

Spare Part Deliveries:
We are fully stocked and see no shortage in critical components so we are confident we can deliver any needed spare parts. The only restriction we have today is that freight itself that can take longer than expected as informed to us by our courier partners.

Production / Supply Chain:
Our manufacturing sites only have minor disruptions and so far we expect to be able to continue to deliver both with help from suppliers and from our stock.

Forwarding / Freight:
For forwarding and delivery services, it is of high importance that there is a consignee for every shipment. Please make sure that shipments can be delivered and that the consignee is open and will accept deliveries. Freight forwarding companies have warned that we are under force majeure circumstances and should they be unable to deliver shipments, they might not have the resources to track a missing package.

Freight charges are higher than normal and surcharges are common and will be added on.
Any unforeseeable delays outside the reasonable control of Sperry Marine will constitute ‘force majeure’ under the current circumstances.

Please note that there is no guarantee with regards to delivery times and dates due to the fluidity of the situation.

Project Departments:
We continue supporting our customers from our offices. Our employees are either working from home or from our offices. As for now we do not see any disruptions in our support towards our customers.

Our global sales and support teams, as well as our partners, are always available and ready to work with you in these difficult times.

Sperry Marine will work hard to get through these unforeseen times and our aim is to give you the same service and support as always.