To optimise full-screen viewing of the chart display, the VisionMaster FT ECDIS features menu bars and menus that disappear when not in use. During the voyage, an alternative route can be added, which can be displayed simultaneously. Waypoints can be moved, inserted, added or deleted instantly and easily or exchanged  via the alternative route with route in progress, at your own convenience.

Split-screen function

The split-screen function (one of five display modes) permits two independent charts to be shown simultaneously, in addition to the option to displaying the same navigational picture at different chart scales. The intuitive handling of the display is supported by the use of Windows.

The ECDIS is flexible and easily connects to a wide range of navigation equipment to acquire more information. The ECDIS will display exactly the info you need in a clear, uncluttered format, reducing the risk of accidents.

Conning Information Display

To reduce the cost of systems which permanently display Central Alarm Manager (CAM), a Conning Information Display (CID) control is available which shows the CAM output. The CID control can be on a dedicated CID screen and displayed either as CID watch mode or as a side tab on widescreen ECDIS, eliminating the need to have a dedicated node for the CAM display.

Streamlined chart information

The ECDIS gives quick access to tasks to be performed during a vessels operation. The intelligently arranged graphic user interface gives quick access to functions available in each mode, with full-time display of sensor data. The navigation process is streamlined to reduce confusion and risk, enhancing situational awareness. The clever design of graphic interface and colour coding allows the operator to assess the data at a glance and navigate stress-free.


The ECDIS automatically associates radar and Automatic Identification System (AIS) targets to minimize mistaken identity and simplify watch standing. The system’s Universal Chart Manager is designed to work with a broad range of authorized vector and raster charts, including S57, C-Map, ARCS and PRIMAR.

Optional Features:


Fuel Savings

The Fuel Navigator is a voyage decision support system that has been developed to provide saving on ships fuel cost by optimising route, speed and engine mode. The system uses a simple, intuitive interface that is integrated to the VisionMaster FT ECDIS system.

Key Features of Fuel Savings:


  • Automatic integration of weather and ocean current data
  • Advanced customised ship modeling for optimisation
  • Active voyage optimisation by adjusting waypoints, speed and engine mode settings
  • Optimal route can be executed manually, via autopilot and/or speed pilot
  • Weather and ocean current forecasts can be overlaid on the ECDIS charts
  • Animated weather and ocean current as the ship sails its route

ECDIS with Radar Overlay

The VisionMaster FT offers practical radar usage with ECDIS, more than just overlaying a rough radar image. The radar image has a high resolution when interfaced with Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine radars. The radar image does not hide the priority objects of vector charts, but overlays them on the radar image. At the same time, brilliance and clutter controls of the radar images continue to be operable.

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