Integrated Bridge Systems from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine provide excellence, performance and reliable navigation under extreme conditions, by integrating safe and reliable equipment.

Reliable sensors support the core navigation system with all relevant data, which is distributed and monitored by a fully redundant data and alarm management system.

Integrated Bridge System Adaptability

The Integrated Bridge System (IBS) is fully adaptable to the requirements of all sea-going ship types and customer requests. It is designed to meet all IMO and classification societies' requirements to one-man bridge operation. The IBS from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine is designed according to our user-friendly philosophy.

We provide highly complicated and reliable integrated bridge systems, including the 16 node Integrated Bridge System of the largest cruise vessel in the world: The Allure of the Seas.

Easy Operation

Our Integrated Bridge System is designed for easy operation to allow maximum time for observation and decision making. This is particularly apparent in our ARPA/radar and ECDIS systems. These systems have the same intuitive user interface, the same panel layout and menu system. Route plans, mariner's notes, charts, radar video and vector presentation are shared between the systems and ensuring consistency of information through the Bridge System.

Network Sensor Integration

Total network sensor integration delivers enhanced situational awareness to the mariner. An uncomplicated display presentation simplifies and streamlines navigational tasks. Common responsibilities such as route planning, navigation status monitoring, log-keeping, alarm awareness and day-to-day chart management are made easy through common workstation layout.

Reliability is further enhanced through redundancy of display and controls. Watch keepers will enjoy reduced workload and significant freedom to move about the bridge, with all necessary information available in a variety of displays and locations.

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