Proposal Project Manager

“The great thing about working in an international environment is that you learn so much from each other.” - Michel Hoogerwerf (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)


Commercial Business School at Beneden Maas, The Netherlands

Current Job:

Proposals Lead

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What made you decide to choose Sperry Marine?

After working for over 17 years in stores that sell consumer electronics as a salesman and later as a product manager, my function was terminated. Via a temp agency I was ask if I would be interested in a function as direct sales support representative. After an interview with the site manager at the Vlaardingen, The Netherlands office I was asked to come to work for Sperry Marine and I accepted. I particularly liked the work environment and the colleagues, also the new challenges that would come with the new job - that is why I choose to work for Sperry Marine.

How would you describe the work environment/culture within Sperry Marine?

Sperry Marine has offices and customers around the world which makes you work in a very international environment with all different kind of cultures. The great thing about working in an international environment is that you learn so much from each other - I really like that.

What would you tell a potential applicant about Sperry Marine?

If you enjoy working in an international team, want to be part of one of the leading ship navigation companies in the world and have a connection with ships electronics than Sperry Marine is a great company to work for.

What have been your professional highlight while working within Sperry Marine?

I was able to help organise the Sperry Marine stand at Europort Rotterdam, together with the Marketing, Business Development and Service departments. Coordinating all that is required to make the stand a success is exiting and gives a kick when everything runs smoothly during the Exhibition.

What do you enjoy most about working at Sperry Marine?

Although I am part of the Contracts & Pricing Team, I have a lot of responsibility and freedom to do my job the way I want to do it. That’s what I like most.