The NAVIGAT 3000 Compass and Attitude Reference System provides all motion data required for surface ship‘s steering. The fibre optic gyro compass that has the capability for precise sea alignment.

Key Benefits of NAVIGAT 3000:

  • Less installation space needed due to its small size and low weight
  • No moving parts for cost savings on maintenance
  • High dynamic accuracy
  • Very short settling time
  • Provision of heading, roll, pitch, x/y/z rate and heave sensor
  • Solid state, fully electronic strap down technology

High Performance, Low Maintenance

The NAVIGAT 3000 Fibre Optic Gyro Compass  system is maintenance free (MF) meaning regular maintenance or calibration is not required. It provides precise heading, roll, pitch, x/y/z rate and heave  information. Unlike the classic spinning-mass gyrocompass, the fibre optic gyro compass has no moving parts and does not rely on inertial resistance to any movement. Hence, this is the most reliable alternative to the mechanical gyrocompass. Because of their intrinsic reliability the NAVIGAT 3000 is used for high performance.

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