Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is introducing a new family of multisensor marine speed log products at the 2008 SMM maritime technology exhibition in Hamburg, Germany this month.

The NAVIKNOT 600 series of products, which are being marketed under the Sperry Marine brand, are based on a new satellite speed sensor that yields dual axis speed over ground.

The satellite speed log can serve as a standalone device or be integrated with a single-axis electromagnetic or Doppler speed log. The three-way satellite-electromagnetic-Doppler combination provides maximum built-in flexibility and redundancy.

The NAVIKNOT 600 systems use a twin GPS antenna array to measure the ship’s heading, velocity, course and attitude. The unit’s processor uses the GPS data, integrated with output from rate gyros, to calculate longitudinal and transverse speed over ground with accuracy of ±1 percent or 0.1 knots, whichever is greater. In the docking mode, the display shows a graphic diagram with rate of turn, bow and stern side-to-side speed over ground and other useful data.

Speed log data is shown on a large, bright, high-resolution display screen. A range of remote control and digital and analog repeater displays are also offered.

“The new NAVIKNOT 600 series products augment and enhance our lineup of NAVIKNOT marine speed logs, which have established a longstanding reputation for accuracy and reliability,” said J. Nolasco DaCunha, vice president of Sperry Marine. “They are designed for easy, low-cost installation on all types and sizes of vessels, including pleasure yachts, commercial ships and naval platforms.”

The NAVIKNOT multisensor speed logs are type approved by Germanischer Lloyd to the European Union Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.