Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine provides all components for ship-specific rudder angle indicator systems. A rudder angle indicator system consists of a feedback unit, a rudder angle calibrator and rudder angle indicators. This includes indicators with different dimensions, different scales, three-face rudder angle indicators and special indicators to meet Panama regulations. All indicators can be dimmed and are available with different protection grades.

Rudder Angle Indicators in Every Size

The rudder angle indicators are characterized by a diversity of different indicators to fulfil individual customer needs. Instruments in different sizes, scales, type of installations and protection grades. In addition three-face rudder angle indicators with a 270° panoramic indication and indicators according to Panama Canal Regulations are offered.

The Rudder Angle Calibrator is the central unit of the system to provide feedback calibration and adjustments on up to 6 indicators.

The Rudder Angle Indicator System is fully type approved and fulfils the latest normative references.

Key Benefits of Rudder Angle Indicators:

  • Three-face rudder angle indicator with 270° panoramic indication
  • Rudder angle indicators with different dimensions
  • Different rudder scales depending on the rudder angle
  • Internal or external dimming control
  • Different protection grades
  • Rudder angle amplifier for the connection of multiple indicators


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