Easy to install

VisionMaster Net’s distributed architecture makes installation much easier, with fewer components to connect and less cables to pull. All elements have industry standard interfaces for either CAT6 Ethernet or fibre optic cabling, to meet any cable length requirements and any bridge layout.

Easy to integrate

The system is designed as a modular network over an Ethernet ring for all sensors required in a bridge system, including the radar transceiver. Any combination of VisionMaster Net and third party equipment can be easily integrated into any configuration to create a networked bridge solution for any vessel.

Increased flexibility

VisionMaster Net allows more flexibility in how displays are configured. Any data feeds can be shown on any screen to optimise situational awareness. The system’s panel PCs take up less space and allow more flexibility in designing the bridge layout. And the overall reduction in system components make it suitable for installation on the smallest vessels to the largest container ships.

Easy to use

VisionMaster Net uses the same intuitive interface as VisionMaster FT, with the same uniform presentation of screens to streamline navigational tasks and optimise time for observation and decision-making. This minimises the need for re-training, which simplifies implementation.

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