VisionMaster SeaGuard detects and tracks small targets with a level of accuracy and precision that standard navigation radars often cannot even see, to significantly improve your safety.

  • High resolution – separates targets within a 3-metre cell (vs 15-18 metres for standard navigation radars) to detect multiple small targets approaching instead of a large single one.
  • High definition – displays 256 intensity levels (vs 8 for standard navigation radars) to give a much clearer picture; improved detection of water vs black ice on surface-eroded icebergs to reduce risk of damage to vessels.
  • Advanced clutter reductionfor detection of small targets even in a high sea state.
  • Real-time automatic tracking – instant update of a target’s course and speed (vs up to two minutes’ delay using standard navigation radars).


For more information, please see the VisionMaster SeaGuard brochure  or contact us.