Sea surveillance

  • Search and rescue – increase your chances of detecting people in the water to significantly reduce delays and costs.
  • Heavily trafficked seas – navigate more safely in waters with lots of small craft.
  • Piracy detection – reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening situations with real-time automatic tracking of small, fast-moving craft to give more time to request assistance



Land surveillance

  • Port surveillance – monitor smugglers and small craft exceeding speed limits or entering prohibited areas with real-time automatic tracking to improve efficiency.
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring – safeguard against potential threats to power plants, wind farms, oil rigs, naval and ferry ports.



Aerial surveillance

  • Helicopter detection – guide pilots to land on board in emergency medical situations or during bad weather.
  • Drone detection – protect privacy against drones taking video footage.



For more information, please see the VisionMaster SeaGuard brochure  or contact us.