Helicopter Approach

Due to its advanced features, over 70 Navies and Coast Guards worldwide are using Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine radar systems to support their activities. The Naval Radar, based on the established VisionMaster FT Radar, provides several outstanding tactical features:

Red First Strike
Improve reaction time by simplifying the detection of a potential threat. Red First Strike quickly identifies fast moving targets such as helicopters and High Speed Craft. The Naval Radar can be enhanced with optional 600 knot track capability.

Helicopter Approach

Using the Helicopter Approach sector, the radar operator is able to view the status of the helicopter’s approach and provide pilot guidance whether he is landing on own ship or engaging in operations with other vessels. The VisionMaster FT Naval Radar assists with helicopter operations in all weather conditions.

Target Intercept

The Target Intercept feature allows the planning, execution and interception of fast moving targets. Intercept smugglers or terrorists or devise search and rescue missions with the intercept function; the course and speed required will be immediately calculated and displayed on screen for rapid decision making and reaction.

Electronic Support Measures

The Sperry Marine Naval Radar systems provide enhanced interfacing to other onboard systems and provide pre-trigger outputs to protect sensitive equipment such as ESM systems. In particular, three configurable pre-trigger outputs and an external transmitter triggering input are provided.

Station Keeping

In bad weather conditions and at night, it is often difficult to maintain station on other surrounding vessels. The station-keeping feature allows setting up a sector for each vessel nearby and if any vessel has moved out of its correct position, an alarm will be raised to alert the radar operator.
The Stand alone or Multi-Function capability of the VisionMaster FT Naval Radar is a cost-effective solution for optimum situational awareness for naval fleets in carrying out their missions.
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