The VisionMaster FT TotalWatch Radar & ECDIS system can be configured to include a range of performance-enhancing optional features. Product features include:

Joystick Heading Control

Simplified autopilot control from the operators chair and easy switching between manual and autopilot mode, or other modes of operation.

Track and Speed Control

A powerful yet easy to use tool, to plan, execute and monitor track keeping functions. This feature also includes automated execution of voyage plan speed profile.

Dual Radar

The dual radar offers a seamless 360 degree view on a single screen and eliminates the effects of blind arcs.

Unique 3D and Sonar Underwater Topography

This feature gives increased safety, with a 3D display of ship, chart depth information and sonar data (if enabled). It also offers excellent visualization of potential swallow water hazards.

ECDIS with Radar Overlay

Get an integrated picture of radar and ECDIS for precise and safe decision making. Select, track and display information of local and AIS targets.


View CCTV on display and get operational flexibility through camera selection and window sizing.

Central Alarm Management

Functional alarm interface to configure alarms from the bridge and other equipment. CAM displays a warning when NAVTAX messages are received.

Fuel Navigator

The fuel navigator is a unique voyage decision support system to minimize fuel cost by optimizing route, speed and engine mode. The fuel navigator also offers automatic integration of weather and ocean current data. Optimal routes can be executed manually, via autopilot and/or speed pilot.

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