Training & Career Development

Reach your full potential with quality training opportunities. Discover what we have to offer you. 

Training & Self-Paced Learning

In addition to onsite and offsite training courses, we offer an e-Learning portal available 24/7, which creates customised development plans and course selection based on your career goals.


We will support your professional development and further education where this aligns with business need and future career development.

Career Planning

We help with everything from mapping out your career path to updating your resume and practicing interview questions for internal opportunities. For developing specific skills, we provide online coaching and development advice, including action steps, resources, and planning templates.

Functional Talent Development

The Future Leaders Program is a global professional development opportunity for selected employees. The 6-month program includes management training, networking and mentoring by experts in the field.

Performance Management

Talent+, our performance management process, creates a performance culture by focusing on employee development. Managers and employees discuss development frequently to support improvement in current assignments and future job opportunities.