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We are a team that works hard and a family that plays harder. Meet some of the people that make us who we are and get the inside story of life at Sperry Marine.


Ralf Magner, Business Unit Director—Products & Systems

Sperry Marine has generously provided me with many opportunities to personally grow and develop in numerous, diverse areas. From initial engineering courses and mentoring, even internationally, Sperry Marine encouraged my participation in international technology symposiums thus enabling connections to colleagues in many different countries, getting to know them and our partners both personally and culturally. Importantly, I was provided with a career path which allowed me to gain experience and insight in different roles on my journey to becoming a Business Unit Director. I much prefer the shipping industry compared to my previous sector, the aviation industry. I take great pride in the knowledge that my day to day contributions at Sperry Marine support the world wide economy by moving international trade safely, sustainably and economically. It’s safe to say that every one of my 17 years at Sperry Marine was different, exciting and challenging, but more importantly job satisfaction let me drive home with a smile on my face. Not every day, but looking back I can say most of the time, with that smile made much wider by the colleagues I’m lucky enough to work alongside.


Leo Teng, IBS Project Manager— Products & Systems

Sperry Marine gave me a perfect space for development. It is my second time joining, and it is giving me a new outlook. My manager is highly understanding and patient in explaining topics, and my colleagues in the technical support department are also very professional and always able to give great sup-port. From the perspective of personal development, Sperry Marine provided me with many training courses from LinkedIn and Harvard, which allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge and improve my performance. Sperry Marine is a very diverse and inclusive company where you can meet many friends and colleagues worldwide. What I like about working at Sperry Marine: 
- Flexible working
- Leading the technological development of the maritime sector
- The Diversity and Inclusion team


David Oake, Global Technical Sales & Retrofit Manager—Service

I started working with Sperry Marine in 1999 as a Marine Service Engineer, and in 2015 I was promoted to the Canadian Service Manager position.
I have driven business process success in both roles while growing the Canadian service business. Working at Sperry Marine has provided me with experiences and opportunities to develop personally and professionally.
My current role allows me to showcase my talents for serving international customers professionally and conscientiously. I'm excited about the potential to offer my solution-oriented perspective and natural soft skills for the successful delivery and financial performance of direct service retrofit activities.



Krunal Patel, UK Systems Test Manager—Products & Systems

The work environment, the relationships you develop with your fellow colleagues, and the development opportunities are some of the things that make me want to come to work and want to grow more every day.
Sperry Marine’s flexible working hours and friendly work atmosphere allow me to focus on my work and personal growth, which also motivates me to create a better work environment for my team.
I work with some of the friendliest and most hard-working people who constantly strive to develop a quality product they can be proud of.



Anna Healy, Senior Software Engineer —Digital

I first came to Sperry Marine as a university student on work placement and later joined as a graduate. Sperry has the benefits of a small company with an international presence and offers varied opportunities that I would not have been exposed to as a software engineer in another industry, such as travelling to carry out work on vessels, attending Northrop Grumman's Women's conference, and learn from many talented engineers. I am proud of what we strive to do here and the difference we make, but most of all, the people at Sperry Marine make it such an enjoyable place to work.



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