Improved operational efficiency

VisionMaster Net provides the foundation for big data on the vessel, to collect whatever navigational data is needed from ship sensors to improve operational efficiency. It enables smart maintenance of on-board systems to reduce downtime and through-life costs, and improve in-port turnaround times when repairs are required.

It supports e-navigation for ship-to-shore route planning and optimisation, so changes can be made during the passage to reduce fuel costs, meet schedules or avoid bad weather.

Reduced through-life costs

VisionMaster Net is designed to be more cost-efficient throughout the system’s life. Its distributed architecture reduces the number of components to connect, and therefore labour costs to pull and terminate fewer cables.

Industry standard interfaces across all components allow the use of CAT6 Ethernet or fibre optic cabling rather than higher-cost custom cables. Increased software functionality removes the need for an interswitch, while enabling more efficient upgrades instead of costly hardware replacement.

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