VisionMaster SeaGuard automates key tasks that would normally require manual intervention, allowing operators to focus on other duties to improve your operational efficiency.

  • Real-time, automatic tracking – enables operators to navigate using the latest target data available.
  • Pre-defined operating scenarios – flexible choice of 16 user profiles including: navigation at 24 miles; navigation at 12 miles with heavy rain; helicopter tracking; man overboard; plus the ability to create customised user profiles.


Easy to implement

VisionMaster SeaGuard is quick and simple to deploy within existing Integrated Bridge Systems.

  • Flexible installation – alongside navigational radar systems from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine or other vendors.
  • Familiar VisionMaster interface – minimises operator training for existing users of the VisionMaster product range.


High return on investment

VisionMaster SeaGuard delivers significant safety and operational efficiency improvements that easily justify the capital investment.

  • Superior performance – very high level of detection, while standard navigation radars perform poorly in the first two miles where there is a lot of sea clutter.
  • Reduced vessel delays and operational costs – significant fuel savings during search and rescue operations by covering a larger area with the same resources.


For more information, please see the VisionMaster SeaGuard brochure  or contact us.