Future proof your vessel with a VDR system that is reliable, efficient and flexible.


A Voyage Data Recorder is a maritime “black box”. Its aim is to record and store a vessel’s critical parameters to help identify the cause of marine accidents, as well as contribute to the prevention of future accidents. 

VoyageMaster IV VDR/S-VDR is an industry-leading Voyage Data Recorder system that is reliable, efficient and flexible. Using the latest IoT capabilities, it secures vital information on vessel operations to help prevent safety incidents and optimise performance.

It continuously records real-time data from signal sources on board and securely transfers this to shore for easy access in the cloud. This allows investigators to analyse all activity before and after an incident. It also allows shore-side teams to have constant visibility of navigation systems for improved decision making and proactive management across your operations.

VoyageMaster IV VDR/S-VDR is a compact unit designed to withstand the toughest conditions. It’s easy to install on new builds or retrofits using conversion kits. The system supports a wide range of communication protocols and converts them into a readable format. It's also very intuitive to use with analytical tools making data interpretation simple. Presentation of information can also be customised and replayed for reference or training. 

All software and data can be instantly transferred to a replacement unit to save time and costs during service or repair, keeping your vessels on schedule. And with Sperry Marine, you can be assured of the highest standard of service and support on a 24/365 consistent global basis.

Key Features:

  • Standard configuration: 
         o    Data Acquisition Unit
         o    Fixed Capsule, MK IV
         o    Float-free Capsule, FF MK II
         o    Bridge indoor and outdoor microphones
         o    VDR Explorer playback software
         o    Sensor Interface Unit and/or Remote Video Interface
  • Optional Capabilities: 
         o    Ship-to-shore data transfer with VoyageMaster Connect
         o    Extended data storage for detailed historical analysis


Key Benefits: 

  • System support for at least 10 years after end of product life with spare parts available
  • Eliminate in-port delays with instant transfer of VDR software and data to replacement unit during repairs
  • Designed to withstand heavy weather, collisions, fire and immersion in several meters of water
  • Collect navigation system data to analyse fleet performance and reduce fuel use
  • Analyse VDR data easily to help improve decision-making
  • Global 24/365 service and support at every major seaport, at anchor, offshore and even in passage


For more information about Sperry Marine’s VoyageMaster IV VDR/S-VDR, please contact us.