The Rudder Angle Indication system is separate to the steering system and is for indication only. It is an IMO requirement to have this system independently from the steering control system. Rudder angle indication is required for each steering position and at the emergency steering position in the steering gear room.

The different regulatory bodies vary on the requirements on the Rudder Angle Indicators (RAI). DNV requires a second, independent rudder angle indication system on the bridge. Panama Canal regulation requires large instruments (192x192mm minimum) on the bridge wings, visible for the pulling train operators and the IMO/MED (ISO 20673) requires the accuracy of the system to be above 1 degree.

Rudder Angle Indicators for Every Need

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine rudder angle indicator systems are characterised by a diversity of different indicators, to fulfil the individual customer needs and regulations. The Rudder Angle Indicators are in different sizes, scales, type of installations and protection grades. In addition three-face rudder angle indicators with a 270° panoramic indication are offered.

Rudder Angle Calibrator

To meet IMO regulations for accuracy, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine developed the Rudder Angle Calibrator (RAC). This is the central unit of the RAI system that provides NMEA outputs with the rudder angle, for Voyage Data Recorder and/or ECDIS/Conning Display.

A total of 6 indicators can be connected to each RAC, including the feedback unit and each can be calibrated separately. Where there are more than 6 indicators, an additional Rudder Angle Calibrator is required.

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