Sperry Marine provides offshore services, including maintenance and repair services to the oil and gas industry around the world.

We understand that every marine project is different and has different requirements. Through our worldwide network we can provide a custom made solution to your needs regardless of its size or complexity.

Our skilled engineers have a vast experience of offshore services and operations and have the industry knowledge to provide expert operational and technical support.

Inspection and Repair

Sperry Marine inspection and repair services are carried out by highly qualified and trained personnel with full engineering support. We go to great lengths to provide savings in our customers’ operational and maintenance costs. We provide inspection, repair, installation, commissioning and testing services for all Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine equipment.

With extensive experiences, our offshore services aim to provide one-stop solutions to tighten the timeline, reduce risk and maximize cost effectiveness.

Key Benefits:

  • Global network
  • Trained engineers with offshore certification
  • Service support for Sperry Marines product portfolio
  • Vast experience in offshore market in Europe
  • Highly value safety for offshore services


During operation of our navigation solutions for offshore, our customers can rely on dedicated after sales services, based on a huge worldwide service network with high-qualified technicians and prompt spare parts availability.

For more information about Sperry Marine Offshore Services, please contact us.