The most accurate and reliable networked spinning mass gyro compass

Our unique networked spinning mass compass NAVIGAT 200 is your solution for cost-efficient resilience. It’s easy to install, either in a single or multi-system configuration of up to four gyros for full redundancy. With the longest system life for a spinning mass gyro and minimal service support required, you can be confident Sperry Marine will get you to your destination safely, reliably and cost effectively.

Key Features:

  • Networked spinning mass gyro that delivers the industry’s highest levels of accuracy and reliability
  • Quick to install and retrofit, for easy integration with third-party distribution systems
  • Single access point for configuration and operation through NAVITWIN V Control and Display Unit (CDU), up to 8 CDUs can be used with CompassNet 
  • Offers an upgrade path as requirements evolve
  • Lowest gyrosphere maintenance intervals on the market
  • Compact size and same installation footprint as legacy compasses provide easy and fast installation options
  • Supports SRTP configurations 
  • Type approved to all applicable MED, IMO and IEC standards


Key Benefits:

  • Fully integrated into CompassNet for redundancy and maximum uptime
  • Unique digital pick-up technology with low settling time for a reliable heading at the highest accuracy
  • Well-proven technology with the longest system life
  • Simpler, safer management of all components through one common CDU as part of CompassNet
  • Highly-competitive fixed-price option for system and installation by certified Sperry Marine Engineers
  • Faster, easier installation with up to 80% less cabling than comparable systems
  • Part of CompassNet, which supports any mix of up to four gyro compasses, plus one magnetic compass
  • No export restrictions for immediate availability
  • Easy to install with interfaces to 3rd party systems


Recommended for the following vessel segments:

The NAVIGAT 200 is particularly suited to all vessels that need: 

  • Safe, cost-efficient and resilient operation
  • Single, dual, triple-gyro compliance
  • Upgrade path to retrofit existing compass installations


Networked System with open platform/full flexibility:

NAVIGAT 200 is embedded into our Heading Management System CompassNet which provides an open platform for integration of up to four compasses and one additional magnetic compass. With this approach, the system can be flexibly updated to your needs: integration of existing functional compasses and a flexible upgrade path to add sensors for improved resilience. This is combined with a wide variety of inputs and outputs that cover all interface requirements on the Navigation Bridge and additionally provides the option for integration with legacy equipment in retrofit configurations.

For more information about Sperry Marine’s versatile NAVIGAT 200 CompassNet system, please contact us.