Keep your vessel more efficiently on course, reduce fuel consumption, emissions and workload on the bridge


Our industry-leading NAVIPILOT 4500N delivers the heading control performance that Sperry Marine is renowned for, to keep your vessel more efficiently on course. It continually adapts to changes in the ship’s load and sea conditions, and minimises rudder movement while sailing and during manoeuvres to reduce your fuel consumption and emissions.

Standard system costs are highly competitive, with a variety of configurations to suit different operational requirements, suitable for pleasure craft to the largest commercial ships, as well as coast guard and naval vessels.
With reduced components, standard network cabling and connections, it’s now easier to install, configure and integrate – on both new builds and in retrofits.

Using proprietary communications, NAVIPILOT 4500N creates a cyber-secure connected platform for future remote access from shore, for more advanced preventative maintenance and ultimately, AI-assisted steering.
NAVIPILOT 4500N is the heading control system that really does deliver safer, more efficient and sustainable sailing.

Key Features:

•    Adaptive and self-tuning system that continuously monitors and optimises heading control performance to keep the vessel more efficiently on course
•    Intuitive colour 7” touch screen for improved readability
•    Industry-leading heading control performance with minimised rudder movement required during manoeuvres, less force back, reduced need for propulsion energy and less fuel consumption
•    Type approved to applicable MED standard including High-Speed Craft (HSC)
•    Track Control MED compliance with VisionMaster ECDIS products

Key Benefits:

•    Uses proprietary communications to create a cyber-secured connected platform for future remote access from shore  
•    Harmonized alarm management to reduce frequency and operator workload, with guidance on required action
•    Self-monitors for faults and system configuration via integrated diagnostics for efficient support
•    Supports multiple CDUs for redundancy
•    Easy to install with reduced components, standard network cabling and connections
•    Scalable system from single station/single rudder to multi-station/dual-rudder configurations, plus support for Track Control and HSC
•    Heading control available as a standalone system or additional to NAVIGUIDE 4000 manual steering system, for new builds or retrofits

Track Control

NAVIPILOT 4500N Track provides additional track control capability when interfaced to a Sperry Marine integrated bridge or VisionMaster ECDIS system .

•    All NAVIPILOT 4500N Standard features
•    Track control MED compliance with VisionMaster ECDIS system
•    In Track mode, the NAVIPILOT 4500N follows the heading orders from the VisionMaster system to continuously keep the vessel on the active route’s planned track line

•    Enhance safety and reduce operator workload with pre-programmed routes for repetitive courses
•    Simplify operations on more complex voyages with multiple waypoints or lots of manoeuvres
•    Reduce fuel consumption further with enhanced voyage planning that incorporates weather and sea conditions, and ultimately AI-assistance
•    Track control MED compliance


High-Speed Craft (HSC) 

NAVIPILOT 4500N HSC provides networked, adaptive and self-tuning heading control tailored to High-Speed Craft.

•    All NAVIPILOT 4500N Standard features
•    Compensation for jet dead band
•    Hysteresis settings to fine tune to vessel characteristics

•    Enhance safety during manoeuvres and through harmonised alarm management
•    Reduce fuel consumption with minimised rudder movement
•    Reduce workload with easier installation, configuration and operation
•    HSC heading control MED compliance


Recommended for the following vessel segments:

The NAVIPILOT 4500N is suitable for every type of vessel that needs:
•    Enhanced safety with a resilient networked solution
•    Simplified operations and reduced crew workload with automated heading control via track control in conjunction with ECDIS
•    Reduced operating costs and emissions with lower fuel consumption enabled by self-adaptive heading control
•    Optimised efficiency during longer transitions with supplementary heading control to dynamic positioning systems

For more information about Sperry Marine’s NAVIPILOT 4500N, please contact us.