Maritime Safety with the
VoyageMaster S-VDR & VDR IV G2

The VoyageMaster Voyage Data Recorder series stands as a testament to Sperry Marine's commitment to advancing maritime safety and efficiency. The VoyageMaster S-VDR/VDR IV Generation 2 leads the way in reliability, adaptability, and compliance with the latest IMO, IACS, and IEC standards. As the maritime industry's "black box," the VDR IV G2 meticulously records and stores critical navigational and communication data to elucidate marine incident dynamics and enhance future safety measures.

The VoyageMaster VDR IV G2 versions are compact, designed to endure the toughest conditions. They are easy to install on new builds or retrofits using conversion kits and innovative SWAP technology, supporting a wide range of communication protocols and converting them into a readable format.

The 2nd Generation of the VoyageMaster VDR IV features increased processing power and capabilities, such as doubled recording capacity and the ability to record video streams from standard IP cameras, making the VoyageMaster S-VDR / VDR IV G2 a forward-looking solution ready to meet future maritime safety standards.


Key features of the VoyageMaster VDR IV G2:


  • Enhanced Recording Capabilities: Increased recording capacity in both the fixed capsule and internal storage captures all critical navigational information and communications comprehensively.
  • Video Streaming: Capability to record video from standard IP cameras, integrating an external IP video interface for expanded functionality.


Key Benefits:


  • Unparalleled Reliability: Enhanced processing power and robust build quality provide unmatched reliability across all maritime environments.
  • Extended Warranty and Shelf Life: An extended three-year warranty and improved product shelf life, facilitated by design adjustments like the separately ordered beacon component.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Compliance: Compliance with the IEC 61162-460 standards ensures protection against unauthorized access and tampering, aligning with new unified Requirements E26/E27 by the IACS.
  • Cost Efficiency: Retrofit conversion kits allow for easy installation using existing cables and interface units. Existing VDR data can be pre-configured for quick setup on the new unit, with the ability to instantly transfer software and data to a replacement unit during service or repairs.


Why Choose the VoyageMaster S-VDR / VDR IV G2?


  • Commitment to Excellence: Our extended warranty underlines our confidence in the VDR IV G2's performance and reliability.
  • Long-Term Support: Guaranteed system support for at least 10 years post-product life with available spare parts.


With Sperry Marine’s commitment to excellence, the VoyageMaster S-VDR / VDR IV G2 comes with an extended three-year warranty, emphasizing our confidence in its enduring reliability and performance. Engage with a product that not only safeguards your operations but also aligns with the future of maritime safety and technology.


For more information about Sperry Marine’s VoyageMaster VDR IV G2, please contact us.