To give you maximum flexibility and convenience, the NAVITWIN V displays and monitors up to five heading sources (four gyrocompass headings and one magnetic compass heading) from a variety of heading sensors. The NAVITWIN V can provide a number of functions:

  • Heading source selector
  • Heading difference monitor
  • Off-heading monitor
  • Central gyrocompass control unit
  • Central service control unit.


The NAVITWIN V Control and Display Unit (CDU) is a progression from the successful NAVITWIN IV. We have designed the “Human Machine Interface” (HMI) to make use intuitive and to provide a wide range of benefits:

  • 4.3” bright colour display
  • All heading and sensor data and system information displayed
  • Alarm management with record of alarm history
  • Access to, and control of, all CompassNet components through one common CDU
  • Can install up to seven additional CDUs for extra