The NAVIGAT 100 is a single unit including all required interfaces for easy integration into the Navigation Bridge.

NAVIGAT 100 Specifications:

  • Sensor performance:

- Heading accuracy ≤ 0.4° Secant latitude (avrg)
- Heading Resolution 0.1
- Rate of Turn Resolution ≤0.5 ±5% °/min
- Freedom of Roll & Pitch ±40°
- Settling Time 3 h
- Follow-Up rate 100°/sec
- MTBF 120,000 (electronic components)
- North stabilization at power interruption ~3min

  • 6 sensor data outputs, configurable to user needs, incl. Printer output functionality
  • 4 repeater ports providing serial sensor data and power supply for heading repeaters
  • One bi-directional CAM  interface acc. IEC 62923-1/-2
  • Serial input for connection of magnetic compass
  • 2 serial inputs for GNSS, Speed Log
  • All required alarm interfaces, serial and dry contact
  • Retrofit features: 6step/1° output included, third party formats supported
  • DNV MED type approved Heading Sensor (standard and high speed application)


For more information about Sperry Marine’s NAVIGAT 100, please contact us.