Connected ECDIS is designed to support your cyber risk management processes by removing the need for USB memory devices when transferring electronic charts and passage plans to the ECDIS.

It enables vessels to update the data digitally from any compliant navigation chart provider to any brand of ECDIS equipment, with data passing through Connected ECDIS cyber security tool. This provides a high degree of operational flexibility and a convenient means of performing chart and navigation data updates with cyber security that exceeds IEC standards, with no risk of infection from the USB stick and ensuring your bridge network is protected.

A key component of the cyber security defences available to ship operators, the Connected ECDIS uses multiple firewalls and a ‘demilitarised zone’ as a staging post between front and back of bridge to ensure there is no direct connection between the navigation systems and the ship’s main IT network, providing a high level of cyber security of navigation data.

Integrated with NAVTOR Electronic Navigation Charts and Nautical Publications, Connected ECDIS enables automatic updates to the gateway which allows navigators to easily transfer the required data into the ECDIS.

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced cyber security for your bridge network
  • Secure chart updates from any compliant chart provider and to any brand of ECDIS
  • Automated updates of NAVTOR charts reduces administrative burden, risk of human error and ensures compliance
  • Roadmap to new digital services



At Sperry Marine, cyber resilience is achieved through a full-lifecycle approach, involving all stakeholders. This includes secure designs for the deployment, operation and maintenance of the equipment we supply. Underpinning all of this is our commitment to ensure a resilient supply chain, integrity of the people we employ and work with and a secure and resilient infrastructure. Download our Whitepaper on “Managing Cyber Risk” to learn more about how to comply with the IMO Resolution MSC.428(98) on “Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems”.