The Voyage Planning application is the ultimate route planning tool, designed to provide the safest, most secure and economically efficient route. It is designed to remove administrative workload from the navigator, providing all the route planning tools required to make a comprehensive passage plan in one application.


To simplify the passage planning process, all digital navigational data is integrated for optimal on-screen presentation where navigators can grab, swipe and manoeuvre ‘layers’ to create the passage plan. The system can automatically plan the route and compare navigation data to ensure full safety from berth to berth. Consequently, the huge number of hours wasted on administration and the risk of human error during manual planning can be reduced.

This is an integrated solution – once the plan is complete, the verified and approved routes are securely transferred via Connected ECDIS to the front of the bridge.

Cyber security protocols are enforced by Sperry Marine’s Secure Maritime Gateway (SMG) which uses multiple firewalls and a ‘demilitarised zone’ as a staging post between front and back of bridge to ensure there is no direct connection between the navigation systems and the ship’s main IT network providing a higher level of cyber security of navigation data.

Voyage Planning is deployed and managed through the SperrySphere Smart Navigation Platform. This is a one-stop-shop back-of-bridge digital platform which manages delivery of a wide variety of applications enabling improved levels of  cyber secure, safer, greener and more efficient navigation.

Key benefits:

  • Automated passage planning for safe and efficient navigation
  • Eliminates hours of administrative workload and reduces paperwork
  • Chart status and passage plan are always compliant and available for inspection
  • Securely integrated with ECDIS
  • One stop shop digital navigation from Sperry Marine
  • Roadmap to new Digital services