NAVTOR’s Charts & Nautical publications provide vessels with automated updates of charts and nautical publications via the Connected ECDIS service, without the need for USB memory devices when transferring charts from the ENC Service to the ECDIS.


The service simplifies workflow for fleet managers and navigators and provides full control and accessibility over charts thanks to NAVTOR’s NavTracker chart management and ordering tool. This also enables shipowners to take advantage of a range of data subscription models including Pay-As-You-Sail, to meet each vessel’s specific needs, with no need to pay for unused charts.

Key benefits:

  • Secure, automated update of Charts and Nautical Publications
  • Increased fleet cyber security
  • Lower administrative workload, with easier management, tracking and ordering of charts
  • Simplified regulatory compliance process
  • Choice of chart purchase options, including Pay As You Sail
  • Roadmap to new Digital services including new chart update notifications in VisionMaster ECDIS, remote support and diagnostics