The VisionMaster FT Chart Radar provides excellent performance in collision avoidance and highly reliable navigation under extreme conditions. Being based on standard hardware, the workstations allow for highly scalable system solutions. Brilliant performance goes hand-in-hand with ease of use and installation. The large widescreen provides all important information at a glance, with a clearly structured user interface that allows the user to concentrate on navigational tasks.

Exceeding IMO Standards

The intelligent functionality exceeds basic IMO standards and provides effective support concerning collision avoidance. The VisionMaster FT Chart Radar additionally increases the efficiency during watch-keeping by displaying charts parallel to the radar image.


To reduce the cost of systems which permanently display Central Alarm Manager (CAM), a new Conning Information Display (CID) control is available which shows the CAM output. The CID control can be on a dedicated CID screen and displayed either as CID watch mode or as a side tab on widescreen ECDIS or Radar/Chart Radar, eliminating the need to have a dedicated node for the CAM display. The Widescreen is only available for the deckstand Chart Radar.

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