Reduce collision risk and simplify watch standing

VisionMaster Radar provides industry-leading target detection and tracking in all sea states that’s reliable, simple and accurate. It delivers precise radar images through a clear, intuitive interface that reduces collision risk and simplifies watch standing.
Our advanced automatic clutter suppression makes it simpler to distinguish small targets in sea or rain clutter without manual adjustment. The radar system is designed to be always available with the ability to switch between multiple transceivers for extra resilience. And built-in performance monitors ensure optimal functioning.

It’s simple to install and use on any vessel, whether a new build or retrofit. VisionMaster Radar is fully compliant and offers enhanced functionality that exceeds IMO and IEC standards. And as requirements evolve, it can be easily upgraded to add the chart radar option or to become a TotalWatch multifunction workstation.

Key Benefits:

Improve situational awareness

• Advanced automatic clutter suppression for easier identification of small targets in sea or rain clutter without manual adjustment

Easy to use

• Harmonized alert management for consistent user experience across workstations and reduced workload

Improve reliability

• Interswitch capability allows up to six radar transceivers to be connected with up to six workstations for enhanced resilience

Optimise schedule

• Alternate Bow feature for double-ended vessels to reduce in-port turnaround time

Improve flexibility

• Create personalised settings which can be carried by each watch officer from vessel to vessel

Stay compliant

• Fully Type Approved to the IMO Radar performance standard, and meets and exceeds all applicable IMO, IEC and ITU standards

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