Navigational tasks vary considerably during a voyage and bridge procedures must adapt accordingly. Particularly if equipment fails. Operational agility is key, ideally with without reduced workload and optimal use of bridge space.

VisionMaster TotalWatch combines industry-leading navigation solutions for all key tasks on one multifunction workstation to improve flexibility and resiliency of bridge operations. It seamlessly integrates VisionMaster Radar, ECDIS, a Conning Information Display, Central Alarm Management and third-party applications in a single display, with easy switching between different functions as needed.

The multifunction workstation can be instantly repurposed to quickly adapt to changing navigational circumstances.

It’s simple to install and use on any vessel, whether a new build or retrofit.

It’s a flexible complement to dedicated radar or ECDIS workstations and provides redundancy if one of them fails.

VisionMaster TotalWatch is fully compliant and offers enhanced functionality that exceeds IMO, IEC, IHO and ITU standards. All functions have the same intuitive VisionMaster user interface that many mariners are familiar with for safe, easy operation.

And VisionMaster TotalWatch offers the same industry-leading capability for target detection and tracking, route planning and monitoring that’s reliable, simple and accurate.

Key Benefits:

Improve situational awareness

• All navigational data is available on a single workstation

Easy to use

• Consistent, intuitive VisionMaster interface across all functions for safe, easy operation with less training required

Improve reliability

• Provides redundancy if any workstations for radar or ECDIS fail

Reduce costs

• Reduce number of workstations required to make better use of space on the bridge

Improve flexibility

• Enables more options for bridge design
• Configurable as standalone for smaller vessels with space constraints or within an integrated bridge system

Stay compliant

• Fully Type Approved to the IMO Radar and ECDIS performance standards

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