Visionmaster FT Naval Radar

The VisionMaster FT Naval Radar delivers accurate, actionable data to enable the operator to identify and engage threats and targets at sea or offshore. The Naval Radar provides vital information in real time, supporting safe manoeuvring, policing and military activities. With combined navigational functions and enhanced naval features, the Naval Radar delivers high performance at a competitive price.

Key Benefits of VisionMaster FT Naval Radar:

  • Optimum situational awareness
  • Interception of fast moving vessels  and threats
  • Blind pilotage for day and night operations in all weather conditions
  • Stabilised sector transmission
  • Additional Military Layers (AML) support
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Integrated Capabilities for onboard electronic systems


Unparalleled Capabilities

The VisionMaster FT Naval Radar series has been developed using the latest technology, specifically for the military and paramilitary markets. Building on the success of the BridgeMaster-E series, it has an unsurpassed variety of configurations, making it compatible with all types, sizes and classes of vessel.
Since its introduction, the VisionMaster FT Naval Radar has seen great success. It has been chosen as the preferred system of choice by major navies and coastguards around the world.
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