Sperry Marine offers 5 licenses per ECDIS, for Type Specific ECDIS Training courses. The ECDIS Training licenses are offered for free with E-learning specialist Safebridge.

Safebridge offers certified online VisionMaster Type Specific ECDIS training to meet the requirements of the industry. Safety of navigation and efficient handling of the bridge equipment is critical to individual and overall Shipping industry success.

Online Training: 5 licenses for free

The online tutorials of Safebridge take the trainee through the required procedures using the VisionMaster ECDIS software. This takes place in a virtual machine, to teach the skills on the actual equipment display and controls. Safebridge provides an online training environment which can be booked for a 3-week window. The student can access the training anywhere, at any time providing they have a sufficient Internet connection.

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Classroom Training Around the World

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine works together with training providers around the world for classroom, on-board or on-site training. Our various dedicated training establishments provide both generic and Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine type-specific courses, in addition to other training courses.
Find below an overview of our training partners worldwide:

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More information?

For more information about the ECDIS Training possibilities with Safebridge or class room training, please contact us.