Sperry Marine support Performance Based Logistics (PBL) arrangements for:

  • Dedicated spares and inventory management
  • Full contact service includes spares and repairs
  • System Inventory management
  • Engineering support
  • Field service
  • Configuration control and management
  • Obsolescence management / technology refresh and technical manuals
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) and interactive courseware


Cost effective
PBL can also be structured to utilise existing customer parts inventory, depend exclusively upon Sperry Marine's inventory. By forecasting usage, a PBL programme delivers the benefits of reduced parts cost and increased availability. PBL programmes keep pace with growing fleet requirements and reductions in budgets and manning.

Risk reduction
PBL programmes transfer a majority of the risk associated with program support from the government agencies, directly to Sperry Marine. PBL also offers parts obsolescence management, storage, transportation, reliability analysis, through-life price reduction, quality improvements, training, configuration management and even the responsibility to enter data updates into the government’s inventory database.