Program Management
A dedicated and experienced workforce working to established procedures of support programme operation and execution.

We define optimum stock levels and spare parts requirements so that critical spares for vital equipment are available for distribution at anytime.

Reliability and Maintainability
We identify the time element of a predicted system failure and define the time needed to repair systems. Reliability and maintainability are crucial factors in determining the required system support and life cycle management.

Configuration Management
Qualified engineers ensure shipboard configurations are actively maintained. Our dedicated teams provides accurate technical data of repair specs, data and drawings.

Defence Service Support
Field engineers based throughout the world and ready 24 hous a day.

Technical Documentation
Technical documentation is available as paper-based manuals or in Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) format. Sperry Marine provides a comprehensive service for the creation, maintenance and conversion of technical documents.

Inventory Control/Management
Inventory control tracks the supplies required for maintenance functions and parts replacement and ensures that supplies are replenished as they are required.

Obsolescence Management
There is a proactive periodic assessment and replacement of critical parts.

Land Based Test Facility
Customer suites of networked hardware and software can provide shipboard personnel with realistic hands-on training in a simulated environment. The training facility also offers dedicated conference rooms for meetings or training sessions and can also be used to develop and test new software applications and hardware configurations.

Quality Management
Complies with ISO 9000 procedures and safety regulations.