The optional Dual Radar* integrates data from two scanners on a single radar display. The use of Dual Radar configuration eliminates blind arcs and enhances target detection, providing complete situational awareness and peace of mind. By combining inputs from separate radars, a 360-degree picture can be viewed to reveal nearby and far-off targets.

The VisionMaster FT Dual Radar gives you the ability to track targets from both independent radars in the usual way, with the inputs provided on a single screen for improved usability.

Key Benefits of the Dual Marine Radar:

  • No blind arc but 360-degree view on a single screen to enhance awareness and safety
  • Seamless overlap of 2 radars on a single radar display  
  • Control up to two independent radars from a single screen
  • Track targets seamlessly across the two radars
  • Reduce operator workload with a seamless view from two radar heads
  • Any combination of X- and S-band antennas


For a full specification on our VisionMaster FT Dual Radar, please contact us.


*Available for VisionMaster KIT and deckstand format. Dual Radar is not available for the integrated TableTop configuration.