Sperry Marine Vessel Performance powered by ABB increases the overall efficiency and safety of a ships operations at sea.  The system optimizes the performance and safety of a ship and minimizes the overall fuel and energy costs for the whole fleet.

Modules of Vessel Performance:

  1. Performance Monitoring

A fleet wide insight into fuel consumption KPIs

  • Supports SEEMP and EEXI compliance
  • Increase awareness of performance and fuel consumption KPIs of the vessel
  • Increases energy efficiency and reduces fuel costs
  1. Motion Monitoring

The measurement of motion, velocity and acceleration

  • Provides insight and alarms when critical vessel motions and accelerations are exceeded
  • Assesses and prevents accidents though data evaluation
  • Increases safety and comfort during voyages
  1. Response Forecasting

Clear advice for safe operation in difficult weather conditions

  • Better decision-making with regards to routing of vessel
  • More efficient routing, leading to time and fuel savings
  • Better understanding of impact of weather and waves on the motion behaviour of the vessel
  1. Fleet Portal

Shore-based decision support tool to maximize safety, efficiency and availability

  • Provides onshore insights on fleet overview and vessel details
  • Provides onshore insights on fleet and vessel status
  • Provides vessel and fleet level analytics for fleet performance monitoring and vessel benchmarking
  • Tailor made dashboard up-on customer's need

Vessel Performance is deployed and managed through the SperrySphere Intelligent Navigation Platform. This is a one-stop-shop back-of-bridge digital platform which manages delivery of a wide variety of applications enabling improved levels of  cyber secure, safer, greener and more efficient navigation.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced risk of cargo damage or loss of containers
  • Up to 10% fuel cost savings